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Malta Development Bank: COVID-19 Guarantee Scheme & Financial Planning Assistance


SMEs and Large Enterprises affected by the economic downturn brought about by the COVID-19 outbreak, may apply for a favourable loan with commercial banks accredited by the Malta Development Bank, to alleviate their cashflows during these difficult times. The loans will have the following features:

The loan amounts per entity should not exceed the following:

  • Double the wage costs of the beneficiary; OR
  • 25% of total turnover of the beneficiary in 2019
  • a higher amount, subject to appropriate justification and self-certification, to cover the liquidity needs of SMEs for the coming 18 months and of large enterprises for the coming 12 months.

The following will be the eligible costs that may be financed under the loan:

•     Salaries of employees, including social and health security payments
•     Lease of establishment, including rental costs, energy and water bills, fuel etc.
•    Unpaid invoices due to a decrease in business revenues in respect of working capital and other similar commitments and in respect of investment expenditures provided that investment expenditures only qualify under the Scheme if they were contracted for prior to the approval of this Scheme by the Commission
•  Acquisition of material and stock for continuation of business
•  Expenses directly related to contracts which were cancelled or postponed because of the COVID-19 outbreak excluding penalties and other liabilities incurred due to non-performance of contracts
•  Maintenance costs

We shall be assisting our clients in the presentation of financial information and cashflow forecasts which the bank may require prior to the sanctioning of these loans. Therefore, if your entity is presently experiencing cashflow problems, and you feel you would benefit from such financing, kindly contact us at your earliest.

Clients who are not yet sure whether they would like to apply for this loan, and require advice in their financial planning in general, may also contact us for further information. During these difficult times, we will be offering our services at special rates, in order to assist our clients as best as we can.